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Joann Bridges Academy
CONTRACTING AUTHORITY: Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

FACILITY LOCATION:            950 Greenville Hills Road (SW 22nd Avenue )

                                                      Greenville, FL 32331 (MAP)

                                                      (850) 948-4220

GENDER: Female




Given the proper care and training, the youth in our programs can and will change positively.  Education, support, structure, resources, time management, and self exploration are essential in enabling these youth to meet their emotional, spiritual, physical, and relational needs in a positive pro-social manner.

In conjunction with the Department of Juvenile Justice, DJJ, mission to protect the public by reducing juvenile crime in Florida, JoAnn Bridges Academy provides the resources to enable youth to become self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

JoAnn Bridges Academy is a residential facility which houses court adjudicated female youth from the ages of 12 18 years of age.  The program, six to nine months in length, utilizes a positive peer enhancement approach, progressive level system, emotions management, and practical application of learned alternative thinking and decision making.

    Positive Peer Enhancement      * Emotions Management       * Beautification classes
    Seven Thinking Patterns                 * Recreation/Team Building  * Home economics
    Seven Levels of Intervention       * Individual Ed. planning      * Creative Expression       
    Restitution/Community Service  * Jaguar Club   
    Progressive Level System      * Victim Empathy          *Cognitive Behavior Model
    Individual Evaluation Process    * Chemical Dependency Education/Prevention
    Group/Individual Counseling    * Groups (problem solving, educational, focus)

    Arise Curriculum:  life skills, parenting, child development, self-esteem, networking, employment skills, learning strategies/time management, health & hygiene,  trauma & abuse resolution.
    Extra-curricular activities athletics, choir, newspaper, drama club, dance
    Emphasis on gender specific programming including mentoring, role modeling, and researching the roles of women throughout history and in various cultures.  Gender specific programming utilizes an array of relationships and perceptions to draw a girl into a new style of living while insuring her physical, and emotional needs are being met as she considers and later changes her patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting.

    females ages 12-18 with a primary diagnosis of Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant
    a low degree of empathy for others and poor means-to-end reasoning
    low self-esteem, poor social skills, and/or low functioning
    females on medications for treatment of ADHD and depression
    no profound psychotic behavior displayed, but demonstrates learned negative behavioral patterns that victimize others
    a lack of self-discipline and history of non-compliant behaviors
    a high degree of impulsiveness and problems with emotion management and/or aggression

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