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Creating Beneficial Change Through Positive Interaction

Effective Evidence Based Services for Youth and Families

Welcome to Youth & Family Services of America (YFSA). Our mission is to deliver proven, responsive and effective programming practices using early intervention/prevention community based services for youth and families in need. By providing our clients with evidence-based training, education and treatment programs designed to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors, we are helping to change the lives of the youth and families we serve.

We believe in building the strength and potential of families and young people in ways that are engaging, empowering and respectful.

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Real Change Begins With YFSA.

Our programs utilize counseling, positive learning environments, mentoring and life skills training designed to get results. We work collaboratively with families and communities to help at-risk students overcome their challenges and ultimately become contributing members of society.

We designed our programs to enable young people to become competent, contributing and responsible members of the community with a feeling of hope for the future. We facilitate effective youth services at:

  • Elementary, Middle and High Schools
  • Out-of-School Programs
  • Juvenile Centers
  • Churches
  • Community Organizations
  • Youth Groups
  • Homes
  • Other Individual and Community-Based Service Programs